Noise Calculator

About the noise estimator tool

The house icon on the bottom of the air conditioner energy label indicates how much noise an air conditioner will make when operating at full power. For a split system air conditioner, there are separate indoor and outdoor noise ratings. The FairAir noise estimator is based on outdoor noise ratings.

Energy Label

Warning: Neighbourhood noise complaints are commonly associated with noise from air conditioners.

The noise generated by an air conditioner is the responsibility of the owner/operator. State and local governments and body corporates (owners corporations) impose restrictions on how much air conditioner noise can be heard from a neighbouring property or other noise-sensitive area. More severe restrictions are typically imposed at nighttime than during the daytime.

The energy label on the air conditioner will display the noise level in dB(A) generated by the unit as declared by the manufacturer.

This noise estimator tool estimates the reduction in noise levels at a specified noise-sensitive location relative to the air conditioning unit, when distance from the noise-sensitive location, number of surrounding surfaces, and any noise barriers between the location and the unit are considered.

Correct use of the tool will help determine the maximum air conditioner noise level suitable for the proposed installation arrangement, with a target maximum 35dB(A) at the noise- sensitive location. Note that the allowable noise level at the noise-sensitive location during nighttime in some jurisdictions is zero dB(A) above background noise, which may be lower than 35dB(A) depending on the environmental noise setting.

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Be sure to select a unit with a noise rating below the value estimated by this tool.