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There are a range of alternative cooling options that can either be used instead of air conditioning or allow you to save your air conditioner for use only on the hottest days.

There are two basic alternatives to air conditioning to keep your home cool:

  • Natural ventilation

    Essentially, this means opening your windows or doors and allowing air to flow through your house. Opening windows or doors on opposite sides of the room or opposite ends of the house can provide a 'breeze path' for air to flow through. Air flow will help to remove heat from your house, and best of all it is free.

  • Fans

    Fans can be an effective and also efficient means of creating air movement inside your house. Fans can be ceiling-mounted, window-mounted or portable, and typically use much less energy than air conditioners.

Another option is portable air conditioning. Portable air conditioners are usually small in capacity, and may be either refrigerated or evaporative. Normally the only installation they require is to be plugged into an electrical outlet - if this is the case, they can be used without needing a licensed contractor to install them.

Some portable air conditioners may require hoses to be run to an outside space (typically through a window) for water to drain and/or for heat to escape, as a result they may not be suited to all applications.