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Energy Calculator

How much energy will I use?

All residential air conditioners should be fitted with a label indicating both their cooling output and the amount of energy required to generate that output.

This information is condensed into a star rating, which is very similar to other appliances you may already have in your home - the more stars an air conditioner has on its label, the more efficient it is.

Filling in the details below will give you an indication of the difference in energy usage for air conditioners that could suit your home:

An air conditioner with a higher star rating might cost you more up front, but you will likely make the difference back on your energy bill in the long run.

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Energy Efficiency Rating

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30c per kilowatt hour (kWh) is an average figure if you don't know your electricity tariff.

Total energy used = kWHr
Total cost per year =

Please note that this calculator applies to refrigerated systems only, not evaporative systems.

For more information on star ratings, visit www.energyrating.gov.au